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Katherine Harlow

Katherine Harlow, The Park Avenue Pinup, is a burlesque showgirl based in New York City. She is also a published pinup, a costumier, a vintage collector, an archivist, and a fashion historian. She is the muse of artist, Nina Bogyeong Son, of Boutiqiabe.

Katherine is a classic striptease artist, inspired by ballerinas, bombshells, coquettes, courtesans, demimondaines, and silver-screen starlets. She is particularly inspired by Marilyn Monroe, Mae West, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Jean Harlow, Gypsy Rose Lee, Lili St. Cyr, and Sally Rand.

Her style of burlesque, “pastel showgirl confectionery,” is inspired by her love for “sugar, spice, and everything nice”—pastel colors, macarons, French pastries, champagne cocktails, spring flowers, powder puffs, porcelain dolls, fine jewelry, diamonds, jazz, and the city, itself.


Her signature act, Dressed in Diamonds, is a work of couture, brought to life through years of research, hand-work, and collaborations with sartorial experts. In the act, she floats across the stage with a pair of feather fans, revealing a lavender costume, embellished by thousands of hand-placed Swarovski crystals that shimmer like the skyline under a constellation of stars.

She performs across the country, from Los Angeles to New Orleans, captivating audiences with her swan-like poise and girlish charm as “the sparkliest showgirl in New York City.

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