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Article—"Pain is Not a Rite of Passage," a short article on endometriosis, pelvic pain, and the normalization of menstrual pain, in the Reproductive Justice edition of photographer, Lucy La Riot's, Daydream, a pinup magazine comprising interviews with models, burlesque dancers, and other performers, with an interview, striptease (to nude) photoset, and a centerfold.

Katherine Harlow.PNG

Cover, centerfold, and interview—lingerie cover, striptease spread, nude centerfold, and interview of the Mutual Aid for Performers edition of Lucy La Riot's, Daydream (see above).


The interview, written by Katherine Harlow, talks about her inspirations, her start in burlesque, her native New York, and the radical practice of mutual aid, specifically its importance: among artists and performers, during the pandemic, and as a general practice. 

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